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ATC arquitectura is a Spain located architecture firm that takes very special care of achieving client's wishes and dreams in their architectural projects as well as make them real through project management.

No archiectural project becomes real, tangible, solid and/or apropriate to it's aim without a thorough project management.

ATC has a quite different approach to architectural management than other architectural firms. Only tasks approved by the client go foward until the architectural project has been finished.

While developing the architectural project ATC construction managers start scheduling meetings with other proffesionals, contractors, builders, material providers and so on.

At ATC we think architecture and construction must be binded by it's designer so the end result is really what you've worked so hard with your architects team.

Thanks to our specialitation in high quality architectural projects and their construction ATC's clients can be sure of achieving a better life within their property, no matter if it's a commercial facility or a residential building.

ATC is not about high budget but high quality.

In this article you'll learn if ATC is for you

**1. Costs**

2. Time

3. Why Construct?

**4. Before purchasing**

5. After purchasing

**6. During the project**

7. Moving in

8. In the future

9. About Construct

10. Further information

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