About ATC

ATC does architectural projects and construction project management.

ATC works for clients who know what they want, who want more than compartments and square meters built.

ATC‘s work is focused to achieve much more than practical results, it is focused to achieve that clients and workers enjoy working there or making business at your company’s premises.

That’s why ATC selects clients who want to build a place that does not exist already, a place specially designed for them, a place where employees and customers feel at easy and where working is comfortable and pleasant.

The goal is making clients return to their company again and again because, beyond the quality of their company, they prefer to make purchases or contracts in their company because it is a pleasure to be there making buisness with your company

Design harmonizes the constructive elements, the architecture project defines how to build them and the management of the construction project ensures that the construction is faithful to the project on time and within the established budget.

ATC manages the construction project to ensure that the goals are achieved by preventing the architectural project from being a huge document that doesn’t become real.

The construction management optimizes the times and economic resources getting to reduce the terms and the investment in the construction.